Bonnie & Maude

Ep. 17 - Drop Dead Gorgeous // GUEST: Rommel Wood

January 9, 2014
We discuss Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999), a darkly hilarious mockumentary about a small town beauty pageant that turns violent. Kirsten Dunst once again flexes her comedic muscles, alongside Ellen Barkin and Allison Janney as "the white trash Laverne and Shirley." Amy Adams tries out the sexpot character long before the success of American Hustle or the awkwardness of Cruel Intentions 2. A terrific female cast all around and an unusual script by Lona Williams, who we hope to see more from in the future.

Joined by guest Rommel Wood, potentially the movie's #1 fan (she has pretty much the entire film memorized!), Eleanor and Kseniya explore the upsides of black humor, the downsides of pageant and small town life, and the rare instances of when violence against women is actually women.

Closing music: "Drop Dead Gorgeous" by New Mystery Girl

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