Bonnie & Maude

Ep. 14 - Mrs. Anti-Hero: Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Sopranos // GUEST: Mike Katzif

September 23, 2013

Spoiler Alert. Recorded the morning of the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad, Kseniya and Eleanor take a look at television's most riveting anti-heros--Breaking Bad's Walter White, Mad Men's Don Draper, and Sopranos' Tony Soprano--through the wives who must deal with them. Skyler White, Betty Draper, and Carmela Soprano, often the recipients of Internet ire, are in need of exploration and your hosts, with the help of Pop Culture Happy Hour's Mike Katzif, are here to do so.

(For spoilage purposes, Orange Is The New Black, Orphan Black, Nurse Jackie and Enlightened are also briefly discussed.)

Music: "Nasty Gal" by Betty Davis

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