Bonnie & Maude

Ep. 11 - Frances Ha // GUEST: Cristina Cacioppo

June 28, 2013

We discuss Frances Ha, the new film directed by Noah Baumbach, and written by Baumbach and the film's star, Greta Gerwig.

This is a film about the rocky terrain of female friendship as well as what it means to be alone. We talk about why we love Frances so much, despite her flaws and poor decisions. (It might have something to do with her death-defying ability to pee on Subway tracks.) And we take a look at whether Frances Ha bears any of the cynicism found in Baumbach's past works, and suggest other great films that explore female friendship.

Cristina Cacciopo (the former film programmer for the dearly departed 92YTribeca, but newly instated at the Alamo Draft House) joins the conversation as the resident Baumbach "nerd." (Her words.)

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