Bonnie & Maude

Ep. 36 - Hook // GUEST: Lisa Hanawalt

July 15, 2015

Our guest Lisa Hanawalt has her fingers in many pies. She is a published artist/author, hilarious film critic for The Hairpin, co-host of the Baby Geniuses podcast, and co-producer & production designer of the Netflix show BoJack Horseman. Her sneakily feminist views have been been available in a variety of mediums but we were especially excited to speak with her about Hook, the 1991 Peter Pan reimagining starring Robin Williams. 

Is it a kids movie or an erotic masterpiece filled with genderfluid characters that inspire the imagination? You may be surprised.

The episode also includes Lisa's theories on gender bias in animation, why she loves working on BoJack, and a quick overview of Great Horses of Cinema.

Additional viewing:

Season 2 of BoJack Horseman premieres July 17!

still from Julie Doucet comic "Heavy Flow" (originally published in Weirdo #26), referenced by Kseniya.

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