Bonnie & Maude

Ep. 27: What Movies Should We Show Our Kids? // GUEST: Manoush Zomorodi

October 3, 2014

Host of the WNYC program New Tech City, Manoush Zomorodi joins us to vent. In addition to being an all-around badass veteran broadcaster, she's a mother of two, and is on a perpetual quest for quality entertainment to enjoy with her family. In 2014, not only have kids' movies evolved in style and substance, but the method by which kids consume media has also radically changed. 

In this episode, two films are on the chopping block: The LEGO Movie vs. Despicable Me. See if you can predict which one won over Manoush's family and which one was a tremendous disappointment. The factors that make a movie "good" for a film enthusiast who is also a mother may surprise you.

Closing music: "Everything is Awesome" cover by PianoKeyz

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