Bonnie & Maude

Ep. 26 - Sweetie // GUEST: Lara Gallagher

September 17, 2014
Jane Campion's first feature is odd, gorgeous, and bursting with ideas -- and foreshadows her future breathtaking work in The Piano and Top of the Lake. Kay and Sweetie, two sisters with starkly opposing personalities, give us the chance to talk about on-screen and real life siblings.

We also discuss Peel, Campion's first short film, as well as American Gladiators, our guest Lara Gallagher's latest short that recently screened at Palm Springs International ShortFest. The film will be screening this October at Mill Valley Film Festival (screening times), San Jose International Film Festival (Oct.9-12) and St. John's Women's Film Festival (Oct.14-18th).

Find more of Lara's work, including her music videos for Hospitality and Wild Flag, here

Additional reading: Order Muppets vs. Chaos Muppets, by Dahlia Lithwick in Slate.

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