Bonnie & Maude

Ep. 22 - Batman Returns // GUEST: David Archer (PODCRAWL)

June 5, 2014

We discuss Batman Returns as an introduction to a three-part '90s Batman Sequels Podcrawl with our podcast pals Read It And Weep and Proudly Resents

We've encountered two other cinematic takes on Catwoman since the 1992 Tim Burton-directed film. But Michelle Pfeiffer's hyper-sexual and winking performance is still as fresh as ever in this convoluted Christmas story, where its trio of villains outshine Michael Keaton's caped crusader.

Plus, meet the East Coast's utmost Catwoman expert David Archer. He walks us through the history of the character from her inception to her ever-evolving costumes and motives for vengeance.

Remember to listen in on June 12th to Read It And Weep's take on Batman Forever (1995) and on June 19th for Proudly Resents' discussion of Batman & Robin (1997).

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