Bonnie & Maude

All of Them Witches #1: Bewitched

October 29, 2014

Eleanor and Kseniya chat about what inspired them to put together a witches-focused variety show and which (ha) aspects of the theme they find most intriguing.

Kseniya opens the evening by taking a second look at her favorite witch from childhood reruns, Samantha from Bewitched, and considers how Elizabeth Montgomery's portrayal might have been more progressive than the sitcom setting would suggest.

Plus, chamber pop singer AK performs a gorgeous cover of "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered." 

Follow AK at, and @thebandak

"All of Them Witches," recorded on 10/13/2014 at the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY, was a one-night-only variety show hosted by Bonnie & Maude's Kseniya Yarosh and Eleanor Kagan, that explored portrayals of witches and witchcraft in pop culture, film and television.

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